Intelligent system

Intelligent system

Smart Systems
Cloud intelligent:
Cloud intelligent is based from cloud server, to support the system with data and analysis.
• Local MCU
Supporting the communication and control.
• Human-machine interaction system(Smart phone APP)
For easy presetting with parameter and scene, and it is easy for the user to do the local control and adjustment; it could receive the setting data and monitoring information, including in time SMS.
• Smart power supply system
The off grid power supply system could be complied, it could separate the power supply according to the different consumption of system segment automatically.
• Smart sensor system
Build in sensor system, it could bring all the position signal to the central control.
• Complementary sensor system
Wind and rain sensor, temperature sensor, PM2.5 sensor, wind speed sensor, all could be adapted to the system.
• Motor driving system
It is smart system; it could be manual or automatic.


23 March 2021


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