Window & Door system

Window & Door system

Features of BA series Turn opening window system

System's specification:
Unique management function and humanized design is integrated.
• Tilt/turn opening window system with high cost-effective performance/Strong applicability.
  Typical German style structure with ventilation function, and reach the requirements of security.
• Tilt/turn opening window system with the function of Safety management and easy operation.
  Tilt first opening function brings more comfortable experience.
  The window could fit the requirement of security and kid protection
  Also the safety management function could bring more experience of effective control too.
• High loading capacity-- tilt/turn opening window and turn opening window system.Stable / strong
  Maximum 200KG bearing capacity, it makes the window size and weight more flexible with planning.
• The outward opening window system with Professional design brings the perfect balance between economic and security!
• such as: Inward and outward opening window, tilt/turn opening window, top hung outward opening window, bottom hung outward opening window, etc.


Features of KA series Turn opening door system

System's specification:
• Optional device: Such as electric drive locking, automatic opening
motor, intelligent opening function, etc.
• Heavy duty fittings and high bearing hinge system could take load with extra large size and supper weight door application.
• Achieve excellent appearance from adopted the hidden hinge and door closer.
• The active/ passive sealing structure can achieve excellent sealing performance, even without the threshold .
• Provide special customized system if necessary
Such as: outward opening door, inward opening door, double sash opening door, tilt/sliding door,folding door.


Features of WT/WS series Doors/windows system

System's specification:
• Achieve better performance with integrated professional design.
• Bring excellent overall strength with new corner connection method.
• Suitable for large size opening sash.
• Composite lap structure, it brings better thermal insulation effect and better sealing effect.


23 March 2021


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